The Ark - The Endless Journey




The Ark - The Endless Journey

Jean-Philippe Rouillier

Volume 3 of The Ark Trilogy

Jean-Philippe ROUILLIER
Jean-Phillippe ROUILLIER

The last dive in the Survivors' company...
Finding themselves in a mysterious era, Matt, Aniko and the rest of the crew must face new adventures and unexpected encounters. As their journey takes them even further, they begin to catch a glimpse of the reason for their voyage and enter its eternal dimension... without understanding how they will ever return.
An extraordinary tale that you won't be able to put down.

Can the Journey be anything other than aspiring to the eternal and the everlasting?

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ISBN : 978-2-917973-19-6
384 Pages
Price €17.00

Available as a Paperback or eBook.

Only available in French.

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