30 Days with Gideon (in English)


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30 Days with Gideon

Anne Elmer

30 day book series


Each book in the 30 day book series is intended to supply daily readings for a month. Each day there is a verse following the theme of the title, a short teaching, thought or challenge on the verse followed by suggestions for prayer and praise. Each day can take as long as you like depending on the time available and the meditation time the reader wants to invest. By grouping 3 or 4 days together, each book can be used for housegroups during 6 to 7 weeks.
“My prayer is that the Lord uses them to make His word alive for all who read them.”
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Before starting this study, you should read the complete story of Gideon as found in chapters 6 to 8 of the book of Judges in the Old Testament.
Can this fearful young man, used by God to vanquish a powerful enemy, elevated to the rank of Judge of Israel, speak to us today?

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ISBN 978-2-917973-10-3
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