70 Times 7 Times


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70 Times 7 Times

Jean-Philippe ROUILLIER

Can we live happily without forgiving?

Jean-Philippe ROUILLIER
Jean-Phillippe ROUILLIER

We are sometimes tempted to board up the door on our past hurts, hoping in this way to forget about them. But our refusal to forgive only leads to bitterness, sadness and anger.

God invites us on the other hand to open the doors of our hearts so that His grace may flow through us and become a source of His life.

In this book, the author, true to his style, gives a striking reading about forgiveness. You will find teachings based on the Word of God, poignant testimonies and you will be overtaken by the desire to forgive or seek forgiveness.

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145 Pages

ISBN 978-2-917973-46-2
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