Buckle Up (eBook)


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Buckle up!

Jean-Philippe Rouillier

Testimonies from the ends of the world, among other places

Jean-Philippe ROUILLIER
Jean-Phillippe ROUILLIER

Do you believe that the Lord is with us wherever we go?
If not, then this book is for you.
And if you do, then this book is also for you!

In a very direct, sometimes striking, style, Jean-Philippe takes you through the adventures he has been through himself, full of encounters and surprises. You will travel with him from Italy to Scandinavia, and from the US to the Philippines, passing through Eastern Europe and New Zealand. This travel log is a living testimony to God's working, even in situations that seem lost.
Flight 717 to Unknown Destination will shortly be leaving from Gate N° 7. Buckle up! You will be surprised!

Buckle Up

Get to know Jean-Philippe ROUILLIER

ISBN 978-2917973-34-9
158 Pages
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Only available in French.

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