Hello Heaven? This is Earth! (Paperback)


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Hello Heaven? This is Earth!

Jean-Louis Amouroux

Pray : Why? How?



A book for those who are not yet christians or for those who say "I'm a christian, but I don't believe!". Jean-Louis explains in a clear and simple way why we should pray and why we only pray to Jesus.
A copy of John's Gospel is included with this book.

Very French with his scientific training, Jean-Louis did not find answers to his questions in the laws of physics! So he called to Heaven and became spiritual not as an escape, but through a real searching. I had the joy of bringing him to Christ and I recommend you discover through this book his conversation with the God who answered him.
Vincent Esterman, well-known Franco-Australian pastor, pionneer of churches in France, he founded the Union of Protestant Churches in Mission (Union d’Assemblées Protestantes en Mission - UPAM), a 25 church union that is a member of the French Protestant Federation, which he presided over for a number of years.

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ISBN 978-2-917973-43-1
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