Let the Five "Ministries" Stand Up


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Let the Five "Ministries" Stand Up

Claude Payan

Claude et Julia PAYAN
Claude and Julia PAYAN

Today, more than ever, the five specific ministries that God has given to the Church to build it up, must enter into their own. They are supposed to stand up respecting certain rules.
The author looks at the excesses and pitfalls that God's servants can fall into, their frustrations, the respect for each other's areas of authority, the need to complement each other, etc.
This book is not only for those who are called to operate in one of the fivefold minitries, but also for those who wish to stand up to serve.
Several of the principles laid out in this book could save your ministry, your church, even your life!

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ISBN 978-2-951952-80-5

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