I will not stay silent



I will not stay silent

Jean-Philippe ROUILLIER

We are gifted with an amazing ability: words

Jean-Philippe ROUILLIER
Jean-Phillippe ROUILLIER

They are a grace, they are a gift, they are also a powerful weapon against the enemy. Words reveal man's heart, and give faith a face, a voice and a personality. Words are so precious that God Himself gave us His Word. However, few christians (even those who read the Bible and let themselves be touched by its message), seem conscious of the way in which their words could be transformed.
So yes, we need to speak louder, for that is our deepest nature, the one we need to rediscover. In a time when some speak of transhumanism or dream of Superman, this book is an invitation for all to be modeled by the Heart of the Father, so that our words may -at last! - be full of the power of the Holy Spirit and transpire the presence of Christ.


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ISBN : 978-2-917973-53-0

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