Jesus, I'm listening...


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Jesus, I'm listening...

Nicole Lafrance

Jesus, I'm an invitation to set apart time dedicated to listening to and hearing the voice of the Good Shepherd.
"My sheep listen to my voice."
John 10, verse 27.
The One who is perfecting our faith is waiting for you. Open your heart and let His Light shine through.

A musical "Soaking" CD

Psalmist : Nicole Lafrance
Pianist : Hermina Lafontaine

Track Listing
Selected Extracts ± 1 minute

  1. Here I am
  2. Purify My Heart
  3. Rock of My Salvation
  4. Seek the Lord
  5. Bursts of Light
  6. Communion
  7. Jesus, I'm listening
  8. Soft and Subtle Voice
  9. Seal

CD Audio (52 minutes)
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