Guardian Angel (French paperback)


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Guardian Angel

Jean-Philippe ROUILLIER

A novel to be read by all, aged 12 and older (even adults).

Jean-Philippe ROUILLIER
Jean-Phillippe ROUILLIER

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Underlying the main plot of this novel, "Guardian Angel", is an inner quest, the need to take ourselves to our limits to understand who we really are. But on this journey, wherever it may lead, we are never quite alone. In this story, the unique and unseen companion is a guardian angel, who comes and goes, reappearing to discuss with his protégé.
This is the story of Nathan and his guardian angel. This is the story of Julie, his childhood friend who grew up with him on a high plateau in the Pyrénées. Everything seemed so simple, as if the mountain had already written their biographies. But then, one summer evening, Paul appeared from Australia, and from that point on, nothing would be the same.
Thousands of miles away, a man with a worried look was scrutinizing a screen, intrigued by what he could see. What was this mystery out of the depths of the night? The drama that unfolds will lead all five much further than they would have ever imagined.
A journey to the ends of the world, to the ends of themselves, a deeply moving love story. And a glimpse into the world of angels which will not leave you untouched.

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321 Pages

ISBN 978-2-917973-26-4
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