The Normal, The Deep and The Crazy (French)


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The Normal, The Deep and The Crazy

Catherine Brown

Catherine Brown - Le Normal, Le Profond et Le Fou

This book is written from the stuff of real life. Indeed the book is a welcome companion on our journey. For too many, following Jesus has become a hobby that must ‘fit in’ with life.
Catherine Brown demonstrates just how close God can be to those who hear his heartbeat and stop to listen to his voice.
“With a whole heart I gladly endorse the content of this inspiring book. I trust it will do for you what it did for me. After reading ‘The Normal, The Deep and The Crazy’, I found myself more in love with our Father God who desires to see restoration happen in the lives of countless numbers of warriors-in-waiting. I sense the Holy Spirit saying, “Come out of your caves! The best is yet ahead of you! Just as I have done in the life of this broken vessel – so I will I do for your!”
James W. Goll, Encounters Network

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ISBN 978-2-952367-09-7
160 Pages
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