The Monk's Secrets (Paperback)


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The Monk's Secrets

Marie Orban


Deeply hurt by the death of a friend who was "killed" by slander in the tabloids, Jeanne, a journalist, feels she must follow the trail of another slanderer, a real or fake Abbot, who didn't hesitate to start vile rumors about a believer, with the sole aim of appropriating the "treasure" of the monks. The quest for truth is therefore the driving force behind Jeanne because, she knows, only the truth can enable her to find peace.
"The Monk's Secrets" is based on historical events, those of the Great History, that is to say, the attacks, sackings and profanations perpetrated against so many monasteries during the French Revolution.

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ISBN 978-2-917973-17-2
272 Pages
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