When the Spirit begins to blow...


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When the Spirit begins to blow...

Claude and Julia Payan

Claude et Julia PAYAN
Claude and Julia PAYAN

"When the Spirit begins to blow
He makes me want to move
When the Spirit comes down
On my feet
He makes me waznt to dance
When the Spirit comes on my hands
When the Spirit flows from within
My whole being becomes
Full of love for my fellow man"
"When the Spirit begins to blow"

Track Listing
Selected Extracts ± 1 minute

  1. The time has come to serve Jesus
  2. Spread your annointing
  3. At the foot of your cross
  4. In quietness and trust
  5. Lion of Judah
  6. God has done great things...
  7. Blessed be the name of the Lord God Almighty
  8. The King of glory (English)
  9. When the Spirit begins to blow...
  10. Fire
  11. Come on daddy (English)
  12. Parachute woman (English)
  13. Come to me
  14. If I had to leave tomorrow

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CD Audio (72 minutes)
All songs are French unless specified otherwise
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