Revival of the Sons and Daughters


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Revival of the Sons and Daughters


Are you ready for the unmeasurable?

Didier & Odile BROUSSE
Didier & Odile BROUSSE

In the Word of God, Bartimaeus is stuck on the roadside, utterly destitute, whereas Elisha is running full of life and strength in the power of God.

Bartimaeus threw off an old coat, Elisha took up a new one.

I suggest we take this journey together to move from a state of being beggars to that of being sons and daughters reigning with Christ.

The idea behind this book came to me as I imagined Bartimaeus, the blind beggar, and Elisha, the prophet receiving a double annointing, as two extremes of the same journey.

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ISBN 978-2-955575-30-7

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