The Ark Trilogy


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The Ark Trilogy

Jean-Philippe Rouillier

Jean-Philippe ROUILLIER
Jean-Phillippe ROUILLIER

Volume 1 of The Ark Trilogy

L'Arche - Jusqu'aux Extrémités de la Terre
L’Arche, Tome 1

"Great: a real enjoyment!... I was caught up by three well-woven stories that intertwine. The bottom layer is full of the spirit of adventure like a good scout, as nature lifts you higher, love develops between Matt and Aniko and then, like a cloud, the ark appears... More real than Mother Nature? This is the first episode of a trilogy we are eagerly waiting for. An inspired novel that balances humanity, spirituality and literary prowess." "Feu et Lumière" April 2010

"Is The Ark the story of Noah as you never imagined it?"

Volume 2 of The Ark Trilogy

L'Arche - Aux Portes de L'Eden
L’Arche, Tome 2

If this is the end of the world, then why are we still alive?
Streams of molten lava pierce the darkness. The air is full of memories, as if the burning world we left behind is breaking up within us. Shaken on all sides, the Ark is bathed in a bluish light which appears more and more fragile to us. The man and the woman look at us, as if they did not know the reason for their presence here. As if they did not know anything anymore...

The adventures of Matt and Aniko et al continue
to the gates of Eden.

Volume 3 of The Ark Trilogy

L'Arche - Le Voyage Infini
L’Arche, Tome 3

The last dive in the Survivors' company...
Finding themselves in a mysterious era, Matt, Aniko and the rest of the crew must face new adventures and unexpected encounters. As their journey takes them even further, they begin to catch a glimpse of the reason for their voyage and enter its eternal dimension... without understanding how they will ever return.
An extraordinary tale that you won't be able to put down.

Can the Journey be anything other than aspiring to the eternal and the everlasting?

Get to know Jean-Philippe Rouillier

Tome 1 – 393 Pages

Tome 2 – 368 Pages

Tome 3 – 384 Pages

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