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Docteur Brian SIMMONS and his wife, Candice, have been described as real pioneers in ministry. As spiritual parents, their teaching and their spiritual gifts have opened doors to preach a message of genuine revival throughout the world. For over 40 years, they have been working together to present Christ in all His fullness wherever God sends them.

Following a dramatic conversion experience in 1971, Brian answered the call of God to leave everything and become a missionary to tribal groups. Taking his wife and three children to the Central American jungle, he spent several years planting churches with the Kuna people and raising leaders in these churches. He also co-translated the Kuna New Testament.

Whilst Brian was in the mission field, God passed through their village with His power. The revival that followed gave Brian a fresh understanding of God's prophetic aim of revival in the nations in the Last Days. After their ministry to the tribes, Brian and Candice returned to the US. Brian started to preach with power and authority about the days of glory to come that will hasten the return of Christ.

Located in New England, Brian and Candice started Gateway Christian Fellowship in West Haven, Connecticut. After 18 years as pastor, Brian handed the responsability of Gateway Christian Fellowship to his son-in-law and daughter, Todd and Joy Skeirik. The Gateway church continues to grow and prosper with prayer night and day.

Brian and Candice launched Stairway Ministries with which they travel full time.

Brian is also working on a new dynamic translation of the Bible called The Passion Translation.

Brian and Candice have celebrated more than 40 years of marriage and have three children, 6 grand children and 2 great grand children.

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