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Jean-Philippe ROUILLIER

Father, writer, professor, translator and speaker...

Jean-Philippe Rouillier is married and the father of 6 children.

He teaches English at the University of Nantes, in France.

Following a radical conversion, he began to talk about his meeting with Christ, and started writing and teaching at christian meetings.

Testimonies, teachings, novels... whatever your preference, there is something for everyone from the age of 10. In his own words, it is like a spring, a never-ending bubbling, and his projects are not drying up. One novel has already been translated (Guardian Angel), and another has been written in English and sent to the United States for publishing there.

He still has enough to keep him busy for a few years yet...

Withhis wife, Caroline, he is involved in the Catholic charity Bethabara, which organises Weekends in the power of the Holy Spirit.


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